Red deer antlers/Downcast antlers from middle european red deer

Red deer antlers or downcast antlers are mainly exported from middle european region: South Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Herewith you will find images of a singular pair of antlers and also in stacked format, free of pallets ready to be shipped via cargo ship container.

Product Description

We collect and deliver antlers/downcast antlers around the entire year, during the peak of the season in spring until the beginning of summer, the largest quantities can be shipped the most effectively and fast. The most antlers are of AB grade. Therefore the average expected weight of an antler will be around 1.5-3 kg and have a rich brown colour, only 5% of all goods can have slight cracks or be pale. The antlers are stacked on and in each other close to the ground and are delivered through a cargo ship container.

We can offer roughly 15-20% of the amount to be maral red deer antlers (cervus elaphus sibiricus) also the one from Russian or Kazakh origin. Delivery takes place directly from Omsk, Russia.


The delivery is made by 20- or 40-foot containers from Vienna, which is loaded onto a cargo ship either in Koper/Slovenia or Hamburg/Germany. Following documents will be issued:

  • BL Bill of Lading;
  • Certificate of origin;
  • Veterinary certificate;
  • Invoice;
  • Packing list.

Attention! If the customer is in Mainland China and has an import licences, we can ship diretly to China (not only to Hong Kong), accompany by veterinary certificate, which certify the heating processing by+80 Grad within 40 minutes.

Deliver Capacity

The content of 20“ container is 4000 kg, of 40“ container – 8000 kg.
The deliver capacity per year is at about 50-60 metric tons.