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Corporate profile

Since the beginning of 1988 Ox-Gallstone focuses its efforts on the export of Resources mainly used in the manufacture of Traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine.

Throughout several years of experience, the company has developed a specific procedure:

  • Ox-Gallstone works with a persistent customer base from all around the world, including China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Japan. Ox-gallstone enters into an delivery agreement with these customers.
  • The contracts of the austrian Ox-Gallstone company are carried out by the Russian subsidiary OOO Ox-Gallstone East, Omsk. The CEO of this company is also Elena Tennigkeit.

The undertaking of OOO Ox-Gallstone East, Omsk contracts encompasses:

  • The purchase of products according to the contract specifications
  • The appropriate packing fine tuned to the product
  • Customs clearance
  • Direct delivery into Asian countries or other requested destinations

Corporate History

The Ox-Gallstone Import/Export company was founded by father and son, Hilmar and Jörg Tennigkeit. The company has specialized itself in the Im- and Export of cow gallstones.

The company expands its operations towards the Russian market. Importing reindeer antlers. During the same year Ox-Gallstone establishes its first foreign representative in St.Petersburg, Russia.

Hilmar Tennigkeit’s, at the time, future wife Elena Fours joins the company.

Jörg Tennigkeit resigns from the Company and opens his own company in the same Business branch.

Ox-Gallstone has been established as “Ox-Gallstone Company for medicinal resources and devices Ltd.” The companies CEOs are the married couple Hilmar & Elena Tennigkeit.

Since the passing away of previous company CEO Hilmar Tennigkeit in the February of 2006, Elena Tennigkeit is the leading and only CEO of Ox-Gallstone Company for medicinal resources and devices Ltd.

Establishment of the company Ox-Gallstone Ltd. in Vienna, Austria.

Finalization of the companies resettlement to Vienna, Austria through the closure of the Ox-Gallstone company in Germany.